Mission Statement
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The purpose of the Pachamama Native American Church is to recognize and honor the cultural diversity of the original peoples of America through their ancient and traditional religious practices.  In this way, we seek to promote and share the historical and cultural continuity of this ancient inheritance.  The Pachamama Native American Church is inclusive of the participation and/or representation of all the original Native American peoples throughout the North, Central, and South American Continent, and other friendly and supportive peoples from around our Mother-Earth. Our objectives are simple:
a)to take a message of the Ecological-Spiritual practices and believes of the ancient peoples of America to all the peoples of the world and
b) to accomplish the above through the inter-change and sharing of the wisdom of our ancestors inherently related to our Mother-Earth (Pachamama). This wisdom teaches us vital forms of tradition and ways of life, such as the sacred manners that allow the co-existence between human beings and nature in a balanced way.





The Church in Action

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Please fee free to contact any of our representatives worldwide for more information about the Pachamama Native American Church. As our Mission Statement reflects, we are interested in sharing the historical and cultural continuity of ancient traditions and religious practices in honor of Pachamama, mother earth.  We seek to bring together all peoples regardless of age, race, gender or creed.  Together we are all stronger!

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