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A native Aymara from Tacna, Peru, Chief Don Valerio Cohaila (Freddy) is a teacher and ceremonial leader.  He is an YATIRI (priest), born in the Khallawaya community, 13,000 feet high in the Andes, the frontier for Peru and Bolivia.  As an heir to the Andes/Amazon tradition, when the 10th cycle of the Pachacuteq Calendar started, in 1992 he was sent to Europe and North America by his Elders to share their traditions and to fulfill the Hopi Prophesy that states:  When the Condor of the South meets the Eagle of the North and they fly together, then it will be the sign that the Children of the Mother Earth are reawakening.  In 2011 Freddy received the Chief's Bundle from Lakota spiritual leader and chief, Leonard Crow Dog.  This was an historic event and the first ever for a South American spiritual leader. Not only is Freddy a roadman in the Lakota tradition, he is President and spiritual leader of the Pachamama Native American Church.

Tribal origin:  Khallawaya - Aymara

Home: Cedar Park, TX

Donald "Two Hawks" Woodlief was born January 1957 in Virginia. He has been a Pow Wow Dance Leader and Lakota Sundance leader since 1992 having danced in Mexico, Illinois, Indiana and South Dakota.  He is a Vietnam veteran with service in the US Marine Corp from 1974 to 1978 and the US Navy from 1978 to 1982.  He also has a degree in computer architecture.

Tribal origin: Powhatan Cherokee and adopted Lakota

Home: Anderson, IN


 Raul Zavaleta has been working with Chief Freddy for 7 years to carry the bundle of a road man and  facilitates ceremonies under the umbrella of the Pachamama NAC . He describes himself a Healing and Ways of Life Facilitator.  Raul’s origins are from the Mesika Otomi Nations, Meshikas Extend from the Ute all the way to El Salvador, curious since a 8 year old fascinated by his native culture as well as Eastern Philosophy, culture and practices,  He has been working with Lakota tradition since 1995 and has been a Sundancer and a Chanupah (pipe) Carrier, since 2000.  A Doctor of Chiropractic, he graduated in 1994 from the National University of Science. He is an Eclectic Facilitator of healing for individual and groups. through different events and ceremonies, and a facilitator of workshops on various crafts and Health and Healing.

Tibal origin: Otomi - Nahuatl and adopted Lakota

Home: Dundee, IL



Craig Clevenger is a licensed Geologist and the Treasurer of the Pachamama Native American Church (PNAC), and has been working with indigenous teachers from Peru, Colombia, Mexico, along with Native American leaders for the past 9 years.  Following completion of Vision Quest and support of Sun Dance, Craig is currently apprenticing under Don Valerio Cohaila, and working with Shipibo Shaman Dona Elisa Vargas Fernandez in the Peruvian jungle, to train on the traditional uses/rituals of sacred plants for spiritual development and healing.  Craig is a recognized Interfaith Reiki Minister of Spiritual Healing, and runs a healing center in Miami, Florida that focuses on Native American traditional healing techniques including sweat lodges under the auspices of the PNAC.

Home: Miami, FL


Alfonso is a respected elder in the Native American Church and was recently recognized as a Chief by Chief Leonard Crowdog. Alfonso brings decades of experience with the medicines of both the North and South and as a Sun Dancer and Carrier of the Sacred Chanupa. 

Tribal origin: Muiska

Home: North Branch, MI



In a addition to supporting the Pachamama Native American Church, Allen Brown is foundation director and president of Eagle Condor Foundation and director of the Midwest Gathering of Wisdom Keepers.  He has spent the last decade traveling in North and South America in support of traditional native practices. He has also been a professional photographer for 25 years and is working on projects to document the teachings and life of Chief Valerio Cohaila and other native elders.

Home: Minneapolis, MN


Please fee free to contact any of our representatives worldwide for more information about the Pachamama Native American Church. As our Mission Statement reflects, we are interested in sharing the historical and cultural continuity of ancient traditions and religious practices in honor of Pachamama, mother earth.  We seek to bring together all peoples regardless of age, race, gender or creed.  Together we are all stronger!

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